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Artist of the Month: Ronel Pierre

Ronel Pierre is primarily a self-taught artist from Haiti.  His desire to paint began when he watched a man teaching a painting class and was inspired and began to paint on any surface available.

Pierre’s first exhibition was in Berlin, Germany; he was 12 at the time.  His style has matured and evolved to embrace soft surrealism, often in the feminine form, using a palate of bold colors.  After he viewed the destruction of the earthquakes in Haiti, Pierre reflected upon his heritage and broken countryside and has felt overwhelmingly compelled to record his feelings and visualizations on canvas.

Ronel Pierre has exhibited at HCC Spring Branch, The Arts Alliance Center at Clear Lake, as well as many other venues around Houston.

His ultimate goal in life is to continue giving back to his Haitian brothers and sisters and he plans to use both his training in the medical field and his love of creating art to accomplish this.

Ronel Pierre