Workshop Wednesday: Expert Advice on Critical Ways to Keep Customers Engaged During Coronavirus

Houston Restaurateur invited to participate in 
U.S. Chamber of Commerce National Busines Summit
October 3, 2019

Adapting to marketplace needs, tapping technology that keeps you open for business and communicating authentically are key to navigating the crisis, experts said.

Struggling to stay connected to your audience during coronavirus? CO—’s expert panel served up insider perspectives on how businesses are managing to keep customers engaged during the crisis while adapting their strategies to weather the storm.

Marcus Davis, entrepreneur and founder of Houston restaurant The Breakfast Klub; Hailley Griffis, head of public relations for social platform Buffer; and Dennis Steele, co-founder of Podium, which provides messaging tools to local businesses, spoke with CO—’s content director Jeanette Mulvey.

Here are seven critical takeaways from the discussion.